Leadership Team

Andy and Raj, Leaders of CGC Baddow Church

Andy and Raj have been married for over ten years and have two children. God has brought them through a number of life events that have led them to pastoring this church.

email: andy@cgcbaddowchurch.co.uk, raj@cgcbaddowchurch.co.uk


I’ve been married to Kevin for nearly forty years, have two grown up children and four grandchildren. I am a Chelmsford Street Pastor and my heart is to pray and be a blessing wherever I can.

email: info@cgcbaddowchurch.co.uk


Has been married for over ten years, and has two children. Has lived in Chelmsford for all his life. Has a passion for God and loves praying for people to be healed and set free.

email: info@cgcbaddowchurch.co.uk


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