What is our vision?

We want to see a church that is full of men who are passionate, courageous and determined to lead lives that honour God and expand His kingdom. We want to see men leading courageously in all areas of their lives; at work, with their families and friends.

We aim to provide fun, relaxed and safe environments for men to get to know each other, share with each other and support each other to be more Christ-like in every aspect of their lives.

What do we do?

The Baddow Church men meet regularly for a get-to-together, to catch up, and to have fun. The local Indian restaurant is a favourite. We have been known to play the odd game of golf too!

There are also fortnightly football matches at 8pm on Monday evenings at the Great Baddow Recreation Ground. £2.50 each.

How do I get involved?

Look out for advertised dates at Church and on this website, or speak to Andy or football updates. He can then add you to CGC Baddow Football FaceBook page (closed group).

Or email: 


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